Caverns Development Blog

Welcome to the Caverns development blog, where I'll showcase my prototype for a text adventure made in Python. This is less intended to be a finished product and more intended to be a project for me to work on so I have a reason to learn how to do X, Y, or Z thing in Python.

June 11, 2021

As of today, I've only gotten into the very first parts of Caverns, having gotten as far as, well, the introductory text. I haven't even gotten input to work correctly, which is unfortunate considering that's fairly important in a text adventure. :/

Either way, though. Here's the text I've got so far:

"You are deep within a dungeon. The path converges into two tunnels, one leading northwest and the other northeast. Behind you is a tunnel that, should you take it, will lead south. Your equipment has recently been dissolved by a slime, which you slew with your sword- your last remaining piece of equipment. Go northwest, northeast, or south?"