Lotophagi Development Blog

Welcome to the Lotophagi development blog, where I plan to share my thoughts as I conceptualize and, eventually, create a surreal walking simulator inspired by LSD: Dream Emulator.

June 8, 2021

As of today, I'm only just starting this project (the Neocities site and the video game), and therefore don't have anything to show off just yet. As soon as I start working on prototyping, rest assured, you'll see all sorts of goodies.

My current plan is to make a walking simulator with an aesthetic based on 90s gaming—basically, my own version of LSD: Dream Emulator, a game I loved even before I got to play any myself.

To give you an idea of what that looks like, here are some screenshots I've taken while playing that game on Duckstation via RetroArch:

Image ID: A giant fish floating through a green sky above green ground and water. End ID. Image ID: A surreal clutter of various different face textures repeated over and over. End ID.
Image ID: A black void with a pathway leading into the mouth of a giant, bald, floating head. End ID. Image ID: A TV with a base made of bricks sitting on a cliff, not plugged into anything. End ID.

So, yeah, be prepared for some weirdness.

June 9, 2021

So, as an overview of what I'm trying to go for with this project, I'm envisioning a surreal walking simulator, possibly taking inspiration from my own dreams like LSD: Dream Emulator and a video game called Hypnagogia, which I have yet to play but was inspired by LSD: Dream Emulator.

As to actually making it, I'm currently planning to use Unreal because I'm told it can be used for that sort of thing, though looking at even the visual editor is a little overwhelming for me, so I may have to scale things back a bit and use a simpler program. Ideally I want it to be 3D, but presumably (I say "presumably" because I have zero experience with computer-type stuff, programming included) that'd be more difficult to create than a 2D game.

Realistically speaking, it would probably be best to experiment with some simple stuff in Unreal to get my head around how it works before trying to actually make this project.

June 11, 2021

So, I've come up with a name for this game: Lotophagi. This is in reference to a story I really like called Topography Genera, where Fossil Type-LOTOPHAGI is a being that causes people to have strange dreams, as I felt that name would be fitting for a story all about dreamworlds.